DJ Wedding - Seating Chart & Waiter Image


So you’ve set your wedding date and you’re looking to spend big on everything else except for your DJ. What?! This is just like serving fast food to your guests!!
Let’s stop and seriously think about it for a second by comparison.
An in-demand DJ wouldn’t charge what an inexperienced or new DJ would. Why is this?

The reality is that inexpensive DJ’s are usually only limited to weddings and events because in nearly all cases, they are usually inexperienced (with 3 or less years) or not good enough to play for the general public in reputable establishments.

So why would you want to book a cheap DJ for the biggest day of your life?

If a cheap DJ was a meal, it would probably be marked as “not fit for human consumption”.

Looking further into it, an inexpensive DJ is likely to mis-match beats because this is a skill that takes many years to master using timing and sound dynamics. And… Chances are that he/she would struggle to do what real DJ’s do, which includes reading a crowd to play the right tunes at the right times, keeping the bpm/tempo consistent, providing quality equipment, understanding audio setup variations & complexities, being presentable and so on.

Oh, and then there’s the pre-planning and communication. The level to which a budget DJ or cheap DJ company would be involved for this, is in most cases very minimal.

It wouldn’t hurt to keep in mind that your wedding is an important occasion with important formalities and the DJ’s role is major. So he or she is capable of making or breaking your most special day.