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DJ or Band for Wedding? 7 Things to Consider

A solid music selection is a must for your wedding day. 

The sim after all is to ensure that your guests enjoy their time at the party. You can hire a live band or a DJ for the occasion. While a live band can be a good option, you need to consider a few things (cons to be precise), which are associated with the option. 

Everyone loves live music, but there are reasons why many couples opt for wedding DJ hire in Sydney for their big day. Please consider the following seven things we have listed here before you decide that you want live music. 


On average, live bands in Sydney charge a minimum of $3500 if you hire a 4-piece set band for the evening. Hiring a small string duo who will play for an hour or so at the ceremony will cost around upwards of $800. If you hire a DJ for the occasion, you can get an experienced professional at less than half of the live band cost. DJ charges for weddings in Sydney vary, depending on the performer, however if you consider cost-effectiveness, a DJ is always just one performer, so in most cases will be more cost effective than hiring a live band. 

Extra charges

Live bands normally charge extra money as a conveyance fee. They can ask for a pick-up-drop facility at the venue alternatively, and you would need to hire a big car for the band. If you do not have any good local bands in the neighborhood, you may need to shell out more money to bring the band to your wedding venue. 

If you hire a DJ, especially from an agency, they will quote you an amount, keeping in mind all the peripheral costs apart from the professional charges of the DJ. These DJ agencies offer different packages, and you can plan accordingly. 


Live bands are required to set up all the instruments, sound boxes, mixing desks and other equipment, and they occupy a considerable space at the venue. If you have decided to hire a live band, book a spacious venue so that the guests do not feel suffocated. On the other hand, DJs just need a corner for their decks to perform.  


Live bands cannot play the entire evening without long intermittent breaks. They need to pause after each set to rest, which means there will be interruptions even if the guests are eager to sweat more on the dance floor. Because of this problem, many couples prefer DJs over live bands. DJs don’t have to pause the music even when taking breaks. The uninterrupted flow of music will set the tone for a vibrant party that guests will look forward to. 


Guests need to be engaged to keep the party alive. Professional DJs know the trick and keep tweaking or mashing up tunes that guests know in order to keep the energy level high. They can also create custom mashups for you if you at request. That will infuse some freshness and uniqueness into your wedding party!  


DJs are more readily available than the wedding bands. Usually, you must book the bands months before the wedding. Since they are comparatively fewer in number, their demand is higher, and people tend to book them beforehand. So, if you are marrying on short notice, you may not get a good band. Instead of paying high remuneration to a medium-standard wedding band, you can make a more intelligent choice of hiring a wedding DJ within the same budget. 


The theme of your wedding can be a deciding factor in whether you will hire a DJ or a band. If you want a very contemporary party and disco night, DJ will be the preferred choice. But if your wedding planner has kept retro or jazz as a theme, you should definitely hire a live band. No matter how many old songs your DJ will play, the theme will only be complete with a live band in this case. 

Now, considering both options’ pros and cons, you should choose what is best for you. For that matter, do not get influenced by others’ opinions. It should not be like your close friend suggests a DJ, and you are hiring without checking whether you can get someone more experienced within the same budget. Always do the research and then decide.