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Wedding Planning – We plan with you!

Recognising that each wedding is different, we take a personalised approach to being part of the journey of planning with couples.

“It’s Free”

Boasting Australia’s best wedding planning system for our services, our planning is there to work your time and pace. We don’t ask for long lists of anything, but rather collate your preferences together… Stress free!

By the time that your big day arrives, we’ll have a great understanding of what you have in mind, which will result in the most perfect wedding day possible.

And the best part is that we offer this personalised service on a complimentary basis (no charge) for our confirmed couples.

Additionally, we will also set up a video or telephone meeting with you at no charge (also FREE)…

There is no guess work because we cover every aspect at your leisure.

“The Gold Standard”

All of this is our gold standard, of which couples experience prior to chatting with their chosen DJ. No stone will be left unturned.

“Your Wedding, Your Way”

On the other hand, if a dedicated professional wedding planner is something that you’re after, we can also help you. Sometimes there are areas like decorative wedding furniture, floristry, custom builds and wedding coordination that can be made so much easier with an experienced and professional wedding planner handling everything. We work with some of the most reputable and best wedding designers in Sydney and we will be happy to put you in touch!