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The Benchmark Standard

Our promise to you:

Top Notch Dj’s

You will be provided with access to a high calibre professional DJ with a minimum of 7 years of professional, public & wedding experience. This is our benchmark because we take pride in what we do & know what your wedding means to you

Your Music, Your Way

We will work with you to fulfill your requests and musical tastes. The process is very easy and won’t involve you having to fill out or complete any long lists. In addition, in the lead up to your wedding day, we will also go through the music for your chosen formal moments.

We Will Be There!

Reliability is something that we always maintain (and we’re not only referring to punctuality). Your booking will be confirmed in writing so that you can be assured that your booking is safe, secured and we’ll be there for you as agreed.

Experienced. Professional. Reliable.

Success with little stress is what we want you to experience with us. Our calibre of expertise makes the preparation for your wedding a breeze. We play an integral part in helping you prepare and we won’t skip a beat, literally! You can rely on us prior to your wedding day and on the day itself. Wedding DJ HIRE takes incredible pride in helping you to achieve the greatest wedding possible. The wedding that you’ve always imagined.

  • Trust a reputable DJ with genuine professional experience on all levels.
  • Trust us to be there for you.
  • Trust us to perform & entertain as the true professionals that we are.

Our name is big,

but we pay close

attention to detail.

The Exclusive Wedding DJ’s Gold Standard

We guarantee the finest quality DJ’s, service & attention.

Exclusive Wedding DJ’s provides this at a level that is second to none and we are confident that you will be extremely pleased with what we can achieve for you.

Our DJ’s Use The Finest Equipment

We provide our DJ’S with the same standard of DJ equipment that they are used to using in the large establishments or venues that they hold their DJ residencies. For portable sound, our speakers are of the highest quality as well. JBL is our brand of choice for reliability and audio precision. We want nothing more than for the music to come out sounding clear, enjoyable & pleasant on the ears.

Skills Developed Over Time

Real turntablists know the real tricks behind beat-mixing, beat-matching, scratching, fading & mashing up two awesome tracks as part of a live mix. DJ’s of 3 or so years find it incredibly difficult to develop to the level that our DJ’s are at. Our DJ’s have completed the hard yards and can confidently be called DJ’S & Turntablists. A great example is a professional racing car driver controlling a manual car vs automatic! That’s the skill level of our DJ’s!

The Booking Process

  • Enquire

    Click the mouse icon above to enquire about our availibility for your chosen date.

  • Confirmation

    We will email you to confirm our availability for your desired date.

  • Secure Your Booking

    Secure your booking with a service agreement and small deposit.

  • Skype

    A complimentary meeting via Skype will be offered to you to create a wedding that is perfect for you.

  • Finalise

    We will then send you a final confirmation to ensure that we have met your requirements. Now let's go!

We play at the finest venues

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