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MC’s – Take the Pressure Off Your Guests!

Having formalities run on time is a huge benefit of booking a professional MC to keep the schedule at your wedding. It takes the pressure off everybody involved by having an expert to liaise with your wedding suppliers & guests to let them know that a formality is about to commence. You’ll be so glad that you made the choice to kick back and enjoy your wedding celebration!


“Our MC’s will get to know you in advance.”

Running through some additional elements during the planning time means that you and your MC will have the chance to develop some personal rapport with you beforehand. We believe that it’s such a great way to allow couples to feel comfortable and at ease with the person who will play an important role with you and your guests.

If some fun and charisma in the mix is sought after, we got you covered!

Our MC’s are modern, vibrant & experienced.

In addition to weddings, our Sydney MC’s are more than just wedding MC’s. Our MC’s regularly address big crowds in sporting stadiums and televised events, so you will be booking a pro!

Prices start from $500 +gst and are based on your requirements.

Sydney’s Premier Wedding MC: Making Your Big Day Unforgettable!

Picture this: the sun setting over Sydney Harbour, your loved ones gathered, and the stage set for an unforgettable evening. What’s missing? A master of ceremonies who can turn that picture into reality. Enter Wedding DJ Hire, Sydney’s go-to for making your big day more than memorable.

Let’s get down to brass tacks. Your wedding isn’t just any party; it’s the blockbuster of the season starring you. Our MCs? They’re the directors, ensuring every scene flows seamlessly into the next, from heartfelt speeches to the first dance that awakes everyone.

Think of us as your entertainment architects. We don’t just show up; we show off, bringing laughter, energy, and a whimsy to every moment. Our secret sauce? A blend of humour, warmth, and the kind of professionalism that turns a great event into a legendary one.

With Wedding DJ Hire, forget the worries of keeping the vibe alive. We’ve got the playbook, the pep, the timing, the glue of communication between vendors and the playlists to keep your spirits soaring. So, let’s raise the roof and make your wedding the talk of the town. After all, we’re the ace up your sleeve in the game of love and marriage!

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What Makes Us Different from Other Wedding MCs?

Our secret sauce? A personalised approach, exceptional humour, and flawless execution. We transform your wedding narrative into a vivid, engaging story, ensuring a seamless blend of elegance and entertainment. Our experience makes the difference, turning good moments into unforgettable ones.

What Does a Wedding MC Do?

An MC is the pulse of your wedding's atmosphere. They introduce speakers, coordinate announcements, and ensure the event's smooth flow. Their role is pivotal in creating moments, blending humour, warmth, and professionalism to keep the day's energy alive and guests engaged from start to finish.

When Does a Wedding MC Come Into Play in a Wedding Ceremony?

An MC steps in post-ceremony, steering the reception's ship. From welcoming guests to introducing the newlyweds, managing speeches, and facilitating entertainment, they're the glue that holds the evening together, ensuring everything unfolds flawlessly and memorably.

Can We Enlist a Friend or Family Member as Our MC?

Absolutely, but consider the trade-offs. Professional MCs bring a blend of experience, timing, and problem-solving skills that are hard to match. While friends or family add a personal touch, a professional ensures a smooth, worry-free experience that lets everyone fully enjoy the celebration.