Bride and Groom Dancing on a lake to Saxophone Music
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Man Playing Saxophone at Wedding Party Image

DJ Sax – Australia’s Best Saxophone Players!

Whether you’re having sunset drinks & canapés or you’re looking to have your dance floor vibing with a live music feel, Sydney’s best saxophone players will be guaranteed to go above and beyond with sounds that will move you!

DJ and Saxophone our ultimate wedding DJ entertainment package and has created some of our greatest & most memorable celebrations to date.

Prices for our reputable sax players start at $300 and are based on requirements.

If you’d like to get a feel for what we can bring to your wedding with the inclusion of Sydney’s best saxophonists, please get in touch!

Hire a Saxophonist for Your Sydney Wedding to Create Magical Memories

Imagine a saxophone’s soft, sultry notes filling the air as you and your partner share your first dance. This isn’t just any background music; it’s the heartbeat of your celebration. At Wedding DJ Hire, we believe in making magic. Our saxophonists are maestros at weaving emotions into melodies, turning your wedding into a storybook affair. They’re not just musicians; they’re mood-setters and atmosphere architects. Think of them as your personal soundtrack creators, ready to elevate your big day into an epic, unforgettable saga. They’ll riff off the vibe of your party, improvising to match the mood, ensuring every moment is captured in a melody. And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want their love story scored by the cool, captivating sounds of a sax? It’s the sprinkle of fairy dust your Sydney wedding deserves. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? Let’s turn your wedding into a symphony of love and memories, one sax note at a time.


When Should a Saxophonist Play at a Wedding?

Timing is everything. Envision a saxophonist setting the scene during your ceremony, serenading guests at cocktail hour, or igniting the dance floor during the reception. These pivotal moments transform your day, adding layers of emotion and excitement that linger long after the last note fades.

How to Hire Your Saxophone Service With Wedding DJ Service?

Simple steps lead you to us. Contact us or fill in a brief form detailing your wedding's when and where, and mention you're looking for that sax magic. We'll chat, tailor options to fit your day perfectly and lock in your date. Easy, efficient, and exciting—just how it should be.

How Much is a Saxophone Player for a Wedding?

Prices vary but think of it as investing in unforgettable moments. Starting from $500, factors like performance length and specific requests play a part. Remember, you're not just hiring a musician; you're adding a soul-stirring, memory-making element to your celebration. It's value is beyond notes and numbers.