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DJ’S – Far from the average Wedding DJ

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If we are to be perfectly honest, the typical “rent a mobile DJ” is just not what we do! If that’s what you’re looking for, we’d prefer to let you know that we offer something quite different. Our DJ’s are genuine professionals who’ve earned outstanding reputations in the industry through well served experience across many types of events. On your wedding night, you’ll find the the capabilities of our DJ’s will shine through by presenting well, knowing of how to read the room and also by mixing tunes beat-for-beat from a mint collection in full audio quality. This only amounts to one thing- A highly successful wedding night!

Equipment –

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The DJ setup that we provide not only looks the part, but functions at the professional level. We supply the industry benchmark club & staging standard Pioneer DJ decks and mixers, along with QSC speakers and sound. 100% pro!

“Our DJ’s arrive to play, not get sweaty setting up equipment beforehand!”

We believe that a clean looking DJ is the only way to go. Especially for your wedding! So rest assured, we have our AV team who arrive beforehand to take care of the setting up of our DJ equipment. Our installation is tight and tidy, so you can be assured that no messy cables will be present.

By keeping these two aspect separate means that your equipment not only have the professional look, but you DJ will feel fresh and perform at their best from the first tune. After all, this is how professional DJ’s truly do it!

“A tailor made wedding celebration”

Leading up to your wedding party, we work closely with you to see that everything that you have in mind will come to life. Your DJ will be in touch as part of our journey in planning together.

If your wedding celebration is important to you and quality all around is a must, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

We’d love nothing more than to see your dance floor packed with a memory that is remembered and talked about for years to come!