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Why Using a Family Member as Your Wedding MC Is Not a Good Idea

Wedding MCs are the star performers of wedding ceremonies. They are supposed to run the event without any glitches. So they roam around the venue from one corner to the other, checking in with vendors,, welcoming guests, looking after the bride and the groom and reminding them about the following lineup of the event. They also need to ensure that all the guests are comfortable and they are enjoying their time. 

In short, the wedding MCs are the glue and multitaskers who cannot afford to make mistakes. If they do, wedding events will be permanently scarred with mismanagements that the guests will discuss forever. If you don’t want people to remember your wedding that way, take no chance and hire a professional. 

How to find the best Wedding MCs

Some of the renowned Wedding MCs in Sydney are anchors and emcees who host television shows and public events as well. Finding someone of that calibre will add glamour to your event and put all of your worries at rest. That is why most of the city’s couples seek professional MCs with good track records to take charge of weddings. 

Families look forward to the wedding events to meet up with the relatives who stay away from the base due to work or other reasons. Weddings also bring all those busy cousins or siblings who are rarely seen at family gatherings, even if they are living in the same city. All these people mark the wedding event as a time of relaxation and tend to switch to vacation mode. If you ask one of them to be the host of the evening, they may say yes, but that will put enormous pressure on them. 

Now, when they would have to solve every little problem that crops up during the event, they might get confused and march towards more mess than you imagined. If an aunty is not getting a gluten-free snack, she will come to the MC complaining; if a guest has accidentally injured himself, the MC needs to ensure that he gets first aid. In bits and pieces, all these errands may not sound like a big job to manage, but managing all such issues at a time is quite a challenging task. 

At weddings, MCs do not have the luxury to address problems one at a time. So, it is not advisable to choose a relative to perform the duties. 

The biggest disadvantage of choosing a relative as the MC is the person may ignore your wishes and opinions on how the event should roll. You may lose control of your wedding and the timing that it relates to. For example, you have asked your uncle to host the event. He has known you since you were born and raised you over the years along with your parents. He may attempt to heavily influence the agreed music selection that you have curated with your partner and share a list of his liking to the DJ. He may instruct the caterer to change the wine selection or the event lineup at the last minute. This happens more often than you may think! 

So, why should you take a chance? 

More problems occur during the introductory speech if you have chosen a relative as the MC. Family members tend to ridicule brides and grooms in the name of being funny. They somehow feel that they have the right to tell the audience how messy you used to be when you were a teenager or how many times your parents got a call from your high school. 

Who wants those embarrassing anecdotes on the wedding day when the future family is sitting and listening to them? Your in-laws may not judge you over such anecdotes, but is it necessary to let them know ‘everything’ that occurred to you before you met them? Also, some of your professional contacts or colleagues might be sitting in the audience, mentally noting everything that is being said about you. 

Besides, a family member as the MC may not treat all of your guests equally. Personal rapports, rivalries, likes and dislikes may come in the way to prevent them from being cordial to every guest. That is not ideal on a wedding day, and that is a big reason why people look for professional MCs who do not know the guests personally and don’t come with baggage of opinions.


Hiring a professional for this job will actually relieve you from all possible stressful situations that might occur at the wedding. 

Also, professional MCs are known for the best introductory speeches! People hire impeccable orators to take charge of the mic. These trained MCs know exactly how to celebrate the couple in the evening, which is the primary objective of a wedding reception. Everything should revolve around the couple, or else the event will look like just another party.