DJ Ceremony on an Outdoor Wedding

Why Guest Experience is a Must When Planning Music for Your Wedding Ceremony

Music connects people, and weddings are impeccable events to bring your guests together under the umbrella of tunes. Beautiful music sets the mood for everything that happens afterwards and lets your guests appreciate the experience after the wedding.

Importance of Music

You want your guests to enjoy the music and feel like they are a part of the special moments in your life. The last thing you’d want is to feel bored, look away or worse, keep scrolling on their smartphones. That’s why it pays to know the expert tips mentioned below on providing an exquisite music experience to your guests at your wedding.

Consider Your Venue

The acoustics of your venue will set up the tone for the event and might as well amplify the music listening experience for the guests. A large hall with high ceilings might be better suited to classical music or grandiose songs, while a smaller chapel could work well with more intimate selections.

If you’re struggling to choose the right kind of music for your venue, ask your wedding planner or venue coordinator for their input. You can also look for a professional dj in Sydney to ensure your guests are rocked by impeccable music they will cherish long after the wedding is done.

WeddingDjHire has pro DJs that can elevate any wedding music experience.


Keep it Age-appropriate

You’ll want to make sure the music is suitable for all ages so that no one feels uncomfortable or left out. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid playing your favourites – just be mindful of the mix.

For example, if there are elderly guests in attendance. Consider lyrics and bridging the gaps with versions of tunes that are a mixture of old and new (depending on who’s present).


Choose the Music Format

While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to a play list for your wedding ceremony, why not consider having a DJ play for that section as well? Sometimes it’s nice to mix things up a little bit. Or, if you have an outdoor wedding, maybe think about using live music along with a DJ or band.


If you’re feeling stuck, take a look at your favourite songs and see if any of them could work as wedding music. You might be surprised at how many there are!


Keep it Consistent

This means having the right music played at the right times.

There’s no need to stick to tradition, unless family & culture calls for it. Forward planning is handy.


Consider looking up wedding music Sydney to get more wedding music ideas.


Make it Personal

Wedding music gives you a chance to express yourself. So go ahead and choose songs that mean something special to you. They might be from your favourite artist, movie soundtrack or band.


If you’re struggling to find the right music, think about your relationship with your partner. What are some of your favourite moments together? Why not use these as inspiration for your wedding music?

Over to You

Your guests make your wedding event memorable, so it’s important to keep their interests in mind. Consider hiring WeddingDJHire  to ensure you make the most out of your wedding’s music.

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