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Tips & Tricks To Have A Brilliant Dance Party At Your Wedding

For any wedding reception, music is an essential part. Music alone can make the difference between a normal wedding and a wedding featuring a dance party.

When you decide to hire a professional DJ for a wedding, you want that he or she will be well-versed in varying types of music genres & styles. Moreover, the wedding DJ should be able to properly read the crowd and seamlessly transition from one song to another. As a result, the crowd energy will be kept at a high level and keep the dance floor engaged.

Suggestions To Have A Fantastic Dance Party At Your Wedding

The Bride & The Groom Can Kick Off The Dance Party

The wedding is all about the bride & groom, everything else is secondary. Therefore, you must encourage your partner to hit the dance floor first. Once your guests will see the bride & groom dancing, then others will start having fun together. Don’t hesitate to be at the centre of all your guests’ attractions because it will make the party worthwhile.

Mix Up The Music

Since you’ve already hired a professional DJ for wedding music in Sydney, let the DJ play some good music that will get the dance floor pumped up. However, you can make suggestions beforehand, so that the music can cater to most of your guests’ preferences.

A DJ will have no problems using music from different styles, decades and genres.

Don’t Let The Party Stop

Complete all your wedding formalities before the dance party begins. This is because the wedding DJ will continue to build up the dance floor energy, over an extended period.

Putting breaks in between the dance party will simply break the flow and will kill the vibe. Ultimately, it will become difficult for the DJ to get the energy back again.

Lighting Should Be On-Point

A dance floor will not be a dance floor if it doesn’t have proper lighting. Therefore, it’s recommended that you consult with your wedding DJ to use the ideal wedding dance floor lights. The illumination should be perfect – not too bright, not too dim.

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