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As we’ve already mentioned, the best DJ’s are those who those have a regular DJ spot in reputable public venues.
Truth is, anyone can put a mix up online and pretend they’ve mixed it live themselves. How will you really know that it was mixed by the DJ you’ve got in mind, especially if it was done using DJ mixing software?
An online DJ mix won’t assure you of skill, it won’t demonstrate how a DJ reads a crowd…And it won’t show you the range of genres & coverage that a DJ will provide for your wedding guests!
Truth is, most in-demand DJ’s with regular DJ spots don’t bother with putting out online mixes, because they have consistent work from their live reputation, there are not having to promo themselves in this way.
Mixes take a lot of time to produce.
So what’s the most effective way to find the best wedding DJ?

Go to see them live. You’ll have the chance to meet your potential DJ whilst seeing them beat-match and mix to a live crowd as a pro!
The downside is that it takes some time to physically get there, but it makes a great date night and although the scope of genres and types of tunes played will differ from your wedding crowd, the main thing is that you have the opportunity to see the authenticity in-front of you.