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Our Guide to Working With Your Wedding DJ for a Memorable Event

No wedding is complete without music.

The DJ plays an integral role in setting the mood for your wedding. From the background song selection at your wedding ceremony to the seamless mix of tunes during your cocktail hour followed by wedding reception, a professional DJ is essential.

To make sure that your DJ plays their part to the highest standard, here are the key steps you need to take to make your wedding one of the most memorable events of your life:

Select Your DJ

The foremost step is to identify which DJ will best suit your wedding needs. By sharing your requirements, you also help the wedding DJ in Sydney to understand how they can help with your wedding.

Once you have your DJ, make sure to sign a contract. This aids both you and the DJ to stay on the same page and avoid any misunderstandings that can hamper your special day.

Share Your Wedding Vision

Your DJ can only live up to your expectations when you are completely transparent about your wedding’s vision. Work hand-in-hand with your DJ and communicate the order of events at your wedding.

If they are experienced and dedicated, it is likely that they already have their own system of planning in place to walk you through your wedding details.

If they don’t already have a system in place, provide the details of your wedding that you think is important in order to match the kind of vibe you are aiming at. Be sure to listen to what your DJ has to say, as their feedback can help you plan the wedding better.

Create A Playlist

One of the most important considerations to be mindful of is to be forthcoming with music. Your DJ should guide you through ways in which your chosen music and formalities are placed into your wedding plan. However, it is up to you to express the kind of musical reflections that you’d like to include. I.e What you want your wedding to be. By consulting with your wedding DJ, you can easily narrow down your ideal wedding playlist that can elevate the whole mood of your special day.

For instance, if you want your wedding to be very romantic and chill, your DJ can incorporate more slow dances in the mix.

In saying this, trust your wedding DJ’s experience to evolve your wedding celebration with the inspiration that you’ve provided along with the creativity that only a professional DJ can do.

Make a Do-Not-Play List

You might think having a must-play list can entertain your guests and even encourage them to get on the dance floor. However, it is equally important to have a do-not playlist as well. Imagine your least favourite song coming up during your wedding reception. This can throw off the entire vibe of your wedding.

By keeping your likes and dislikes in mind, your wedding DJ will be aware of the type of music you don’t like and will avoid playing them.

Diversify Your Genre of Music

Maintaining a musical balance can enhance the appeal of your wedding. Plan out a different range of songs that would play during different events, like the ceremony, reception, and first dance. Keep your music classy, and select the type of music that would go down well with the masses.

Consider the valuable inputs of your DJ, who can help in accentuating every moment with their experience and expertise.


To sum it up, maintain transparent communication with your DJ. Coordinate with them regarding your wedding music choice and event order so that a beautiful wedding theme can be maintained throughout the entire day, night or both. By following these simple steps, you and your guests are guaranteed to have the ultimate amount of fun and create the memories of a lifetime.