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If you’re within 2-3 months of your wedding date and still haven’t booked the DJ for your wedding, the chances are that real professionals will already have their bookings confirmed between their regular DJ spots and private events.

DJ’s who are in high demand, requested frequently and playing as a full time pro usually have their schedules 2-3 months in advance.

The cheap DJ service providers who charge around $700 and under may still have DJ’s available, because DJ’s who aren’t on the regular professional venue circuit are usually not booked so far in advance (unless it’s at random for a wedding or private booking).

Our strongest suggestion is to still check with your DJ (it’s worth a try) and if they are unavailable, ask them who they could recommend. Reputable and genuine DJ providers will also be able to check via an email to their pool to see if any of theirs have any flexibility in their schedule (e.g a later starting time at their existing booking on the date of your wedding).