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How Can You Maximize Dance Time at Your Wedding Reception?

When it comes to wedding receptions, one of the main attractions is the chance to dance the night away. You’d want everyone to remember your wedding as an event where they danced til the last tune was played. Guess what, achieving this ain’t difficult!

If you want to make sure that everyone has a chance to dance, and that the music keeps everyone engaged on the dance floor, make sure you follow the tips mentioned below.


DJ’s make wedding receptions come to life. A genuine DJ is someone with public and private gig experience, so they will know how to keep the energy up and your dance floor packed all night long. So make sure you do your research and find a good dj in sydney who knows how to read a crowd and keep guests feeling every mix- done right!


Here are a few questions to ask a DJ before hiring them:

  • What is your gig history (type)? Ask for a bio!
  • What music range/genres & styles do you cover?
  • Are you trained to beat-mix tunes properly?
  • Do you take song requests on the night?
  • How much wedding experience do you have?


Position the DJ within the Main Space

Truth is, not all venues are equal. So there will be some where there is no choice but to position the dance floor and DJ in a seperate space to guest tables. However, where this can be avoided, it must be avoided. The whole point of a wedding is to bring people together, so if you’re separating your guests according to location, it’s defying the purpose of a wedding celebration. Similarly, this is the case for your DJ.  A REAL DJ will pick the vibe off the crowd and throw it back out via incredible mixes. Interaction with your guests is also a key part of the equation, but it definitely works better if everyone is together and not having to make a journey to separate space in order to dance. Human’s love accessibility and ease!


If a song or mix comes on that guests are feeling in the immediate area of where they are, then a dance floor & DJ right there is the perfect way to go about dancing. With unity, the party will keep going and the energy will stay up.


Ensure that a good Range or Mix of Music is Played

That’s right. The last thing you’d want your guests to be doing is looking sideways when on the dance floor. Make sure you have some more laid back tunes for those who want to take a break, but also make sure you have plenty of upbeat tunes across various music genres to keep the party going. You can try various famous wedding music sydney that will get your guests up and dancing in no time!


Make Sure There’s Enough Room to Dance

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You don’t want guests cramped up on the dance floor or, worse, not having enough room to dance at all. Check with your venue about how much space is allocated for dancing, and make sure you stick to that amount. You can also designate an area for those who want to take a break from dancing.


Provide Refreshments

What’s a party without some good food and drinks? Having accessible food & drinks will keep your guests energised and dancing all night long! Why not try a signature drink or cocktail for your wedding reception? This way, guests can easily identify which drink is theirs and will order it easily. While we’re at it, ensuring that the venue’s staff know to offer drinks to the DJ will ensure that the music, songs and mixes are played at their optimum strengths.


Hire Lighting

Lighting hire for your wedding will make the world of difference. It sets the mood and if the features allow for movement, then the lighting can really create a real buzz for your dance floor. Lighting can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you like, however the  impact is clear. Having something is  completely better than nothing at all!


Final Word

So, these are the six tips you need to know to maximize dance time at your wedding reception! Not only will everyone have a blast dancing their heart out, but they’ll also remember your wedding as an event that was full of fun and excitement. Cheers!