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Picture this: You’ve paid your deposit for your wedding with a cheap DJ agency (around $700) and closer to your wedding date, you’re issued with your final invoice for the balance only to see that you’ve been slugged for extra charges for additional items. At this point, it’s a hassle to lose your deposit and seek a new DJ and you’re stuck with a sub-par quality DJ with a budget DJ company who doesn’t plan your wedding with you.

Unfortunately this is typical horror story happening every day to couples

If the ABN doesn’t match the advertised business name, and registration for GST is not part of the mix- Buyer Beware!

In NSW, The Department of Fair Trading are well equipped to assist if you are unfortunately stung.

As a prevention is better than cure, the best thing to do (in addition to an ABN search) would be to ask the DJ company in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc about DJ equipment included and if there is anything else that your wedding DJ will need to operate a successful event.