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How experienced will my DJ be?

Our DJ’s at WEDDING DJ HIRE have been DJ’ing professionally for 7 years or more. When you book through us, you will be booking a well established, experienced & professional DJ for your wedding, not someone with 3 years or less. We truly believe that anyone with less than 5 years of DJ’ing experience will not have the skill level or ability to mix properly, set-up & play adequately for such an important day of a wedding, therefore our minimum requirement is 7 years or more.

What should I beware of before choosing my service provider?

Unfortunately there are some internet cowboys out there!!

Buyer beware.

If you are considering another service provider, we recommend that you make sure they have a registered abn or acn which directly links to the business name that is being advertised on the internet site (a logo is generally a good indication of this). If not, you may find out later that you are dealing with a fraudulent business that is purely acting online! This is a fraudulent practice under Australian consumer law.

If in doubt, you can visit The Department of Fair Trading or conduct a business search via ASIC (click here).

This is your wedding day, so a simple check can give you a great peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with a real & genuine business such as ours.

Ensure that your provider has public liability & professional indemnity insurance.

We highly recommend ensuring that your DJ has had at least 5 years of professional public DJ experience. This is a must! Smooth mixes, beat-matching & a good ear are only built through time and experience. Don’t let others tell you otherwise.

Do you extend your services to engagement parties &/or corporate events as well?

Yes, we do.

Our DJ’s have had the experience of entertaining in these settings as well and we can confidently assist you with preparing for your booking.

What makes Exclusive Wedding DJ’s so good?
  • Exclusive Wedding DJ’s®  is a proudly registered Australian business, registered with Asic.
  • Our DJ’s are skilled, experienced & well established professionals exposed to working in highly regarded public establishments and weddings (the best of both worlds).
  • We also provide elegant, yet inexpensive lighting & additional sound options for you.
  • Accessible, personalised & hands-on approach to service & communication.
  • Complimentary Skype meeting offered
  • We will liaise with your venue & any necessary contacts in the lead up to your most important day
  • Once your booking is made, consider our service as a partnership to assist you in your preparations.
  • We are trusted by some of Australia’s celebrities & well known stars to provide entertainment for their weddings, engagements & events.
What is the basis of your charges?

Our DJ’s are genuine professional DJ’s who have regular residencies in some of the countries largest and most respected establishments. In order to secure their time for you, we ensure that we are competitively priced in this respect.

Our charges are made according to music industry standard. As such we charge per hour.
We’ve found this very helpful to our clients, as it allows for flexibility.

Half hour blocks are charged as half hour.

There is a big difference between DJ’s who only play weddings and DJ’s who are well established professionals exposed to the general public on a consistent basis. Fortunately, our DJ’s have also had the additional extensive experience of DJ’ing weddings, so are equipped with a skill level which gives them the best of both worlds.

Do you have a recommended supplier list?

We do.

Having personally witnessed the work of many suppliers, we have derived at our top 3 for each common category. These are suppliers that we consider to be the industry’s best.

Currently we only supply these contacts to those who book with us, however we welcome any queries about this from others who may not have booked with us as yet.



What will the DJ require on the day of the wedding?

We don’t require too much. Usually, venues supply a trestle size table to set some of our equipment on and also access to power. This is all, we do the rest. Because of the duration of such events (incl. set-up and pack-down times), we do require one meal for the DJ. We’re human & we get hungry too! There is no need for entrees, canapés etc, a main meal will be perfect. Thank you in advance.

Do you come earlier to set up?

Yes! We will be on-site at least 1.5hrs prior to the commencement of your first tune.

Do you take requests?

Absolutely! We will discuss your music preferences & that of your invited guests prior to your wedding, and on the night we aim to satisfy your music preferences with full flexibility. Quality tunes is a must and we want to see you & guests happy & having a great time.

Do you offer elegant lighting or additional sound options?

We will gladly assist you with recommendations to suit your venue & setting. Once your booking is made, we will look at lighting options. ‘Horses for Courses’ applies as each venue differs.
Elegant & ambient lighting is priced at $25 per light & we offer great deals on multiple items &/or combined items.

Will my DJ be insured?

YES! 100%. This is a requirement of our work and many venues insist on this as well. Our DJ’s have full public liability insurance & professional indemnity insurance.

Can I supply some of my own music that I want played at my wedding?

Absolutely! This is something we refer to as the music “outside of formalities”. Once your booking is made, we can guide you through the easiest options for us to accommodate you with this.

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